Lower North Shore Youth Guide

There is so much information available to young people but sometimes it is hard to find so we want to focus on some of the important information that is relevant to being a young person in Lane Cove.

The Lower North Shore Youth Guide is a great resource for young people, parents and schools to find information about services for young people in the Lower North Shore area. The Youth Guide has contact information on a range of issues such as Accommodation, Alcohol and other drugs, Counselling, Disability, Employment, Education and Training, Health, The Law, Mental Health, Sexual Health and Emergency Information.

You can download the Lower North Shore Guide below.

Youth Social Plan

A Social Plan examines the needs of the local community and formulates activities that Council and/or other agencies could implement to address identified needs and enhance community well-being. Lane Cove's Social Plan has a specific chapter that identifies the needs of young people.

This Plan provides an overview of the needs of Lane Cove's Young People and includes a demographic overview, mapping of available services, and a number of recommendations to address identified needs.

Lane Cove Council is committed to promoting, planning and providing for the needs of the children and young people of the area. You can download the Social Plan here and see what young people have identified as needs for the area.

Download the Lower North Shore Youth Guide

Download Youth Social Plan