Not everyone knows this, but Lane Cove has a skatepark!

Where is the park? In Blackman Park, which is off Lloyd Rees Drive in Lane Cove West.

What does the park have? A 24 metre run with various sized quarter pipes, ledges and rail.

Opening Hours:

November - April: 7.30am- 8.30pm

May - October: 8.00am- 6.00pm

Please respect the neighbours and skate only during these times.

It's your sk8 park, so please do the right thing and look after it!!! Check out the skatepark Code of Conduct. (Yes a few simple rules to make sure everyone has fun and keeps safe!!)

Sk8ing Code of Conduct:

Fair go for all users whatever age

Use only on daylight hours

Wear suitable protective clothing, including helmets

Please respect the neighbours rights

No alcohol on or near the skate ramp

All rubbish to be placed in provided bins














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